Breaking news: unbroken subscribe feature


Not only do I owe a huge thank-you to everyone who registered for automatic updates and submitted their email addresses, I owe you each an apology. Unless you signed up after December 2, 2017, a digital gremlin made off with your address and stashed it irretrievably in some dark corner of the interwebs.

My wife’s heroic business partner, Mike Bawden, caught, roped, and imprisoned the gremlin, so things should now be functioning appropriately. So when you get to the bottom of this page and click one these now-functional boxes, you’ll actually receive automatic updates!

Among bits to look forward to in future posts will be the upcoming release date for Traffick Report, which looks likely to drop for Kindle before the end of the year.

And if she’s inspired, Mary Rose may even have us raise our glasses to join her in a holiday toast or two!

As ever, please feel free to write me directly at I read every email,  love from hearing from you, and reply to as many as time permits.

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