Audible version drops!

Love. Local. Latebreaking. is, at long last, available on Audible!

Audiobooks have a special place in my heart. Books have carried me off to sleep nearly every night of my life. Now, instead of waking up in the morning with the title transferred into sleep-lines on my cheek, audiobooks allow me to wake up in a tangle of earbuds.

Well, there's more. After piloting a keyboard for long stretches of my day job, followed by long stretches writing romance, my eyes get tired. Audiobooks are way better than good lighting, determination, and eyedrops. Plus, they can make driving (one of my least-favorite activities) pleasant.

Carolyn Kodes's narration of the first newsroom series book is truly outstanding—so good you may want to find an excuse for a long drive just to hear her voice work its magic. When I heard the first cut of her work, her narrative magic made the story so different that I honestly thought for a while that I was listening to a sample of her reading from someone else's book! (Yeah, she's that good.) You can listen to a few sample minutes here.

Roger Francisco, undisputed title holder of World's Greatest Recording Engineer, did a masterful job pulling the whole book together in the studio.

Working with those two is a great source of pride and satisfaction. I hope you enjoy the end result.

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