Audible pending…but soon.

The good news is that the folks at Audible are extremely persnickety about the quality of the recordings they’ll accept for audiobooks. The other good news is that Carolyn Kodes has done a masterful job narrating the first book in the newsroom series.

But. Veteran recording engineer Roger Francisco has been run through all of the paces to engineer the recordings so they conform to Audible’s requirements. He is more than up to the challenge, though, and the final audio files have now been submitted to Audible and are pending quality review. Confidence is high, so it’s likely about three weeks until we’ll see the book in the Audible store. We will get a link to it up on this page as soon as it is available.

Listening to the recorded version was a real surprise for me. Carolyn and Roger added so many layers to the book that it was surprisingly unfamiliar. It’s pretty wild to hear an entirely new book, all while knowing that I typed every single word in it.

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