Heavy Traffick Ahead!

Traffick Report is officially live and ready for you on Kindle, and should be ready in paperback before the end of the week. You can get it here.

Bailey Barber is pulled in every direction. Her career is on track for a long run in Des Moines, but a relationship is pulling her to Washington, D.C. She has a strong sense of what home should stand for in her life, but she hasn’t felt at home anywhere or with anyone since her father passed. A compassionate lawyer she’s thrown together with while covering the courthouse beat develops an uncanny understanding of her and her needs. Professional standards and personal standards all clash as she tries to navigate the troubling triangle she finds herself drawn into.

Running through these tensions is the story of a young victim of human trafficking and how the criminal justice system re-victimizes her. Bailey’s coverage of the girl’s story and of the story of human trafficking in the heartland frustrates every aspect of her personal life.

Click here to read the opening pages of Traffick Report.

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